10 Tips on Packing your Suitcase:

Here’s a list of ideas to consider before you go …

  • It’s always a good idea to remember to lock and label, and perhaps strap your suitcases before you go. Some airlines will actually refuse to take them in unless you’ve labelled them.
  • In case of loss or theft, it’s good practice to keep your valuables on your person rather than in a carry-on or checked-in suitcase.
  • This may seem trivial and so is easy to forget: take a couple of empty plastic bags at least with you … for soiled items, covering shoes, garbage, damp swimsuits, and anything else that makes life out of a suitcase more hygienic.
  • Remember that gels, pastes, creams, medicines, baby needs and liquids still have restrictions. Wherever possible, invest in solids. Shampoo bars, salves, cleansing bars, deo and shaving sticks.
  • Travelling in Summer is easy, but in Winter, leave that heavy coat behind. Try layers instead: wool next to the skin, a long sleeve top or jumper, a jacket with a hood, a cap, and a scarf. The more wool and less cotton all these layers contain, the warmer you’ll be. (Tested in minus 20 degrees in Norway, with no problem. This is how the locals do it.)
  • Will you be taking your suitcase from A to B, or virtually living out of it for some time? If the latter, the more compartments you have, the easier it will be to keep everything sorted. If your suitcase doesn’t have that many compartments, grab a packing cube or luggage organiser to keep shirts separate from pants, etc.
  • Keep in mind you’ll only have 20-30 kg to play with, less the suitcase weight (or 7kg for a carry-on). You might be able to fill a medium case with heavier items to 20kg, and a bigger one for lighter items to the same weight.
  • Are you looking at one big trip? Or frequent ones? Choose quality over light-as-a-feather for durability in a suitcase invested in for repeated use.
  • Reduce creasing your clothes by dampening them and hanging straight away at your destination. Slightly damp clothes can be rolled to keep creases at bay too. Or fold shirts around a cardboard sheet even.
  • Pack socks last. Stick them inside bra cups, in the corners of the suitcase, inside shoes and other negative spaces.