3 Reasons to Buy a Hard Suitcase, and 3 Not to …


  1. Hard suitcases have a shell made of tough polycarbonate or polypropylene designed to withstand wear and tear.
  2. Hard suitcases protect against rain and heat, some without zippers or with zipper guards, to minimise wet weather penetration.
  3. Long lasting, they double as a tough storage container when not travelling.


1 - They can crack, can’t they?

Well technically if (hopefully never) dropped from the plane, yes, but the materials used these days are less brittle and instead more and more high-tech and almost ‘soft’, with good plastic ‘memory’. An example is Lojel, which makes use of “metallic-filmed Advance PC for strength with a low-gravity feel”. As the name suggests, the cases almost feel gel-like. Others, like Suitsuit, also clearly label their cases as being particularly light-weight yet impact-resistant, with a 10 year limited warranty. These new types of polycarbonates coming onto the market are a safer bet than most soft luggage with no structure.

    2 - They don’t give much …

    One of the reasons it’s great to choose a piece of soft luggage is that being soft yet strong material, it can give a little when you have especially odd-shaped items to pack (like a tennis racquet that’s just a tad tooo long).

    3 - They’re heavier.

    Actually, this is just barely true. The same light-weight materials described above have the added benefit of being very lightweight these days … sometimes surpassing even soft material suitcases, except those designed to be very lightweight. Restrictions in weight are usually up to 20kg, so if you need as much weight levy as possible, something like The Australian Luggage Co. “SO LITE”, which starts at 1.8kg to 2.6kg for a large suitcase, would be the go…