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Rock Luggage

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Rock Vintage Luggage in Australia

Love Luggage is now the exclusive retailer of Rock Luggage in Australia! Proudly stocking and distributing a wide range of quality vintage-style and expandable luggage, we make it that much easier to pack for and enjoy your holidays in style.

Our range features carry-ons, medium-sized suitcases, and large hard-shell check-ins for those trips when you want to be stylish and fully prepared. With a TSA-compliant lock coming with each item, your bags easily pass through customs and come out on the other side looking just as they did when you packed them.

Designed in London and built to last, Rock has a long legacy of creating and designing quality products. Truly made to last, these products earn their place among our collection. Each item comes with its own 15-year warranty, which makes it well worth your while to invest in premium travel baggage that keeps your possessions safe and sound.

Browse single suitcases from our regular and vintage luggage bags and experience the difference.

Rock’s Vintage Luggage is All About Thoughtful Design

With over 40 years of design expertise behind them, Rock has created elegant, refined solutions to all of the above. Their Vintage luggage sets are made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, with handy features like 360-degree spin wheels and a smooth trolley handle making them a joy to use. The timelessly classic design is something that you can safely take around the world without looking out of style – and there are plenty of classy colours to choose from.

If you need something that’s hard-sided but leaves room for expansion, the Sunwave and Tulum styles might be just what you’re looking for. These designs come in carry-on, medium-sized and large varieties, holding plenty of volume for their weight. Available in both muted, classic shades and bright pops of colour, you can choose to stand out from the crowd, or opt for versatility across all borders.

Buy single pieces individually or enjoy great prices on sets, exclusive to the Love Luggage line.

Shop Rock Vintage Luggage Sets Online in Australia

We’re proud to feature Rock among the list of quality brands we stock, and we’re thrilled to bring products from this family-run business direct to your door, anywhere in Australia. With fast delivery and great prices across the board, you can afford to invest in stylish travel items that are a delight to use!

Expect your items to arrive within 1-4 days if you’re in metropolitan NSW or VIC, and 3-7 days if you’re located in the countryside. Our dispatch hub is near the Sydney CBD, making for efficient delivery, no matter how big or small your order is.

Feel free to check out our complete range of luggage and ask any questions that might come up. We’re more than happy to chat, offer advice, or even take requests for any Rock products that you don’t see online.

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