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Luggage Buying Guide

Need Some help Buying A Suitcase?

Buying Luggage online is super convenient and saves you time and money, but sometimes you need a little help or guidance on what suitcase is best for your travel needs. Here are some handy tips below. 

Luggage Sizes

In general Luggage is available in 3 sizes. Now the confusing part is that the sizes in these categories can be vague, for instance a medium size suitcase can be from 60 Litres in Volume up to 90 Litres, so its a good idea to work out if you generally pack light or heavy, you will know which one you are. Below is an outline of the sizes and some tips when buying.

Carry On Sized Luggage.

By far the most popular suitcase size sold, these are the cases that travel with you in the cabin of a plane or if you are away for a night or two, maybe you just have some extra stuff that would not fit in your main case then this is the suitcase for you.

TIPS for buying Carry On Bags
  • Check the weight & Size allowance of your Airline first
  • Make sure the wheels are of a good standard, They get used on a lot on these size bags so make sure they are good
  • Make sure it fits your purpose, so if you just need to pack clothes get a case that has a large packing area and no other pockets, if you carry computers and files, some carry-on cases have laptop sleeves etc. Do not need wheels? grab a Carry on backpack or Duffel and save weight.

Medium Sized Luggage

Remember that not all medium suitcases are the same, there is a big gap in a small medium to a larger medium, so think about your needs. 

TIPS for buying Medium Sized Luggage

  • Great for the 23kg domestic flights
  • Perfect for Road trips, Caravans, Cruises etc
  • Does it expand? Always good to have a little extra room on the way home or your next trip.
  • Think about your next 5 trips, will this size still work out?

Large Sized Luggage

We have all seen these at the airport, some people look like they have brought the entire contents of their home. Ok, for some, big is better and you might need all that extra space for large clothes or items. so here are a few tips on getting the perfect large suitcase. 

TIPS for buying a Large Suitcase.

  • Do you really need it that big? Think about getting to the airport, getting to your Hotel, any stairs?
  • What are the zippers like? one of the common faults on big, heavy over packed cases is the Zippers burst. We don't want all your clothes to be on the carousel? Some cases have double zippers, they are the ones you want.
  •  What material is it made from? Think about this, your 30kg case needs to be able to take a bump or two, there is a big difference in material quilty, some will just crack when hit and others can take the knocks and keep your items safe. Look for Polycarbonate or Polypropylene.

We hope this helps out a little but if you still need some advice just reach out to us via our contacts page and we are more than happy to talk it over with you. 

Remember a good suitcase should last you years and multipul trips, but they are not all the same, check the material, the wheels and the zippers. start your search here. Suitcases for sale.