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Luggage Sydney - Finding a Sydney Luggage Store

Sydney Luggage Store

Sydney's newest luggage store, Love Luggage now has two prime location and an online store. 

Set up 6 years ago after 8 years in luggage wholesale, we spotted a gap in the market for a luggage store that really understands the difference between the many brands of luggage and backpacks on the market.

During our time wholesaling luggage we visited almost every luggage store, big and small across Australia, what surprised us most was that most stores stocked the same things and them not a great amount of time was taking in finding out the real differences in the vast ranges of luggage brands and styles available.

We have taken our knowledge of how luggage is manufactured and the key parts that are used and then we stock a large selection of different price points and styles. If you are looking for help or info on luggage or luggage brands please let us know.

Thanks, The Love Luggage team.