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Chrome Industries

Nearly three decades ago, Chrome Industries' journey began with a mission to revolutionize carry options for dedicated bike messengers across the globe. Unsettled by the existing norms, an ingenious idea struck us: if seatbelt buckles are engineered to save lives, they're undoubtedly robust enough for our bags. Salvaging an Oldsmobile buckle from a scrapyard, we skillfully incorporated it into an industrial-strength messenger bag, giving rise to the birth of Chrome.

Fueled by a necessity for practical gear that could endure the rapid pace of life on the move, the Citizen Messenger made a dynamic entrance onto the stage. Our distinctive seat belt buckle, featuring an effortless one-click release, swiftly earned its reputation as the preferred choice for bike messengers worldwide.

What commenced as a pioneering messenger bag several decades ago has evolved into a heritage brand at the crossroads of mobility and self-expression. Today, we stand as a collective of inventive creators dedicated to crafting meticulously designed gear for the dynamic individuals of both today and tomorrow.