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Lightweight Large Luggage

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The Best Large Suitcases in Australia

In search of lightweight luggage that helps you pack more? Look no further! The Love Luggage range is full of options for all kinds of travel; whether you’re holidaying across Australia or going abroad.

Our huge collection of large suitcases includes hardshell and softshell cases, along with travel bags, foldable duffle bags and trunks weighing as little as 3kg. With extra-large dimensions available, you’re free to fit all the essentials, plus all the nice-to-haves, without tipping the scales.

With brands like Brie’s, Delysey, Rock, Tosca, and Roncato on offer, you can rest assured that quality standards are high. Best of all, we work hard to bring you these travel essentials at low prices, so you can spend your hard-earned savings on unforgettable experiences across the globe. Order your lightweight luggage online today and start planning what to pack!

Lightweight, extra large suitcases on sale at great prices

Striking the balance between lightweight, durable luggage and low prices isn’t easy. Luckily for you, we work hard to bring you top-quality travel essentials that our customers know and love at the lowest prices in Australia.

As experts in the field, we know exactly what to look for in both hard-sided and soft-sided pieces, paving the way for safe, convenient travels where your belongings are maximally protected. Pieces like those from the Rock range offer the perfect mix of style, durability, and handy design features, without putting a big dent on the scales. The Tulum and Sunwave styles are great if you think you’ll be bringing back more than you’re taking, with expandable zippers for added volume.

The Desley Freestyle is our largest lightweight baggage piece, with a height of 82cm. Inside, you’ll find handy compartments for organising your possessions, plus useful features that make manoeuvering a fully packed suitcase easy.

If you need a more short-term solution, duffel bags might do the trick. Our extra-large designs are perfect as gear bags, gym bags, and for stashing in the car as you explore the beauty and wonder of the Australian terrain. Even if you’re not a frequent traveller, these staples are great to have on hand – you never know when you’ll need them!

Enjoy great prices on extra large suitcases in Australia

Making sure that you fit everything into one travel bag or suitcase while remaining within your allowed 23, 30, or 35 kilos is stressful business. Why not minimise the stress by investing in lightweight solutions that lets you carry more to and from your destination?

Like all Love Luggage products, our lightweight range is carefully vetted for quality, user-friendliness, and style. Designed and manufactured by leaders in the travel bag industry – proud partners in our brands list – you can rest assured your investment isn’t just a one-trip purchase. It’s a one-off purchase that has lasting value the more you venture into new territory.

Many of these items are also available under our Afterpay luggage section, where you’ll find premium suitcases, sets, and more available through Afterpay. Shop now and secure quality luggage for the whole family!

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