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Soft Sided Luggage

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Soft Suitcases & Luggage Bags

If you’re looking for versatile, lightweight luggage, you can’t go past our soft suitcases and luggage sets. Made from high-strength fabrics with reinforced seams and handy travel details, these offer plenty of room for all your things, without the structural rigidity of hardshell alternatives.

Our range features designs from Antler, Caribee, Delsey, and Tosca, all passing our customer satisfaction test. We proudly bring you the best selection in the business at affordable low prices that give you more bang for your buck.

With small, medium, and large-sized pieces available as singles or sets, you’re sure to find the perfect overnight bag, soft-sided suitcase, or duffle for use across Australia or abroad. Fold them down, stash them away, or fill them to the brim. There’s little you can’t do with these handy bags in your life!

Choose from Large, Medium, and Small Soft Suitcases

Travelling is much more enjoyable when you’re well-prepared. The key is to choose the right bags or suitcases for the occasion, factoring in everything from security to how you’ll be travelling and where.

Start by considering the duration of your stay, and which essentials you’ll need. Are you away for just a few days, or the weekend? If that’s the case, an overnight bag or carry-on might be all that you need. How about a globe-trekking journey that takes you across continents, for work or pleasure?

Whether you’re heading interstate or going hiking in the Alps, a duffle or gym bag will let you take everything you need on the road with you. Trolley styles are also available for when things just get too heavy to carry – the perfect versatile solution for airports and destination hopping!

While all of our luggage options are made for travelling, some are specifically designed for maximising weight, volume, or maneuverability. The Tosca Lite 2.0 is an excellent option if you’re looking for all three; weighing in at only 3.14kg, while offering plenty of room to pack your possessions. Read our customer reviews and see what they have to say about it!

Buy Soft Luggage Bags Online

From the very beginning, Love Luggage has been dedicated to providing quality solutions that let you do more while paying less. Our low prices and efficient delivery make it easy to get your holidays sorted, with plenty of bag options and accessories that make life that much easier.

We stock world-renowned leading brands that stand up to the demands of travel. Best of all, we make them available for you at the lowest prices across Australia – and you can order and pay from the convenience of your couch.

Our experts are always available to provide recommendations, advice, and answers to your queries, both online and over the phone. Get in touch by calling 02 9557 8283, or contact us to send us a direct message.

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